Bandits have 11 birds. 10 entered and 1 on hold.

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Re: Bandits have 11 birds. 10 entered and 1 on hold.

Post by Bobbyparks » Wed May 02, 2012 3:32 pm

wmahunter wrote:Little tiny ones way in the distance:)

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:) :) Good one...may be able to hear them louder very soon

Mr Wesbulldogs needs to put in his 18 points for us to hit 69 at this point...he's siiting on two 5 pointers from Monday with hopes of only entering one...the other two hopefully will come from Kansas...."Land of Bonus Points" :)

Interesting how miscues or judgement comes into play...Jamey loses a point on a bonus bird...Wesley does not enter a double bearded bird for 6 because he did not realize it was an extra point...or noticed the double beard until he cut on it...and I kill a 7 point bird 3 days after entering a 6 point one...Jamey does the same thing later

regardless of how this shakes out..its been fun and all we ever really wanted as a team was to have a respectable guys have already accomplished that

This all said...I don't really have a clue where some of the teams are until the score sheet is updated
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