They're still at it

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They're still at it

Post by Cut N Run » Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:27 pm

I had an inspection in Durham today at a property that bordered the nature preserve in the headwaters to Falls Lake. There are almost four acres with this property, so the prospective buyer and I walked the property boundary just to get an idea of where the corners were. At the end of a grassy strip in the woods there was a fresh scrape under a holly tree with an obviously chewed overhanging limb. I also found several of this year's rubs nearby, though none were exceptional. It has been windy for the past few days and last night we had a short, but heavy rain, so there's no doubt as to how fresh the scrape was. I was very surprised to see an active scrape this time of year. I also saw a 7 or 8 point buck run across the road on my way to a meeting at the wildlife club last Thursday evening. He still had both sides of his rack. I normally expect to start finding some sheds by this time of year.

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