"Untouchable Mid GA Turkey"

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"Untouchable Mid GA Turkey"

Post by BossTom » Wed May 07, 2014 8:13 am

I got one that has showed up last week and is just getting fired up. I fought with him saturday am for over 2hrs. He was so hard headed (or smart) that he didnt fly down until after 8:30. When he did pitch down he started coming in and he stopped at 60+ yards and looked for me and then he eased out of sight when he didnt see anything. Got on him again 2 days later and he ran the other way as soon as i called to him. He went to a pasture down the hill and i cut him off. I crawled forever to get in front of him and he was gobbling at crows about 70 yards in front of me. I softly called to him just to see how he would react and he didnt even flinch. I waited unitl he turned a 180 and put his head down to feed and I put a decoy out a fast as I could. I called to him and he stuck his head up and turned to look at the decoy then he slowly turned and walked back the other way into the woods. I went back yesterday am but he didnt gobble or he wasnt there anymore. I know he has been hunted hard elswhere and that someone has probably shot at him or spooked him out some other way so hes gonna be hard to kill. He is also an older bird so that adds another degree of difficulty. Ive never wanted to kill a turkey so badly. Guess im gonna have to try and bushwack him. Any advise???
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