inable and failsafe structures for your life and busi

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inable and failsafe structures for your life and busi

Post by gsnoopy520 » Sun Jan 19, 2020 10:47 pm

I've got to admit Tre'Quan Smith Womens Jersey , I'm a big fan of comfort. I like it when things in my world are stable and reliable. For example, my home is my sanctuary. I live here, and I work here. I like it to reflect peace, order and beauty Marcus Davenport Womens Jersey , so when a messy remodeling project was underway - like the recent replacement of a water-damaged bathroom ceiling - it affected me. I was stressed and cranky. My husband might not have been quite so generous and called me downright crazed.

Same thing with my physical body; I'm blessed with a high level of health and vitality. So, when something goes ?wrong? like a recent eye infection (resigning me to a week of glasses versus my contact lenses) my stress needle hit the red zone.

You might be thinking, ?This all sounds a bit extreme, especially for a successful coach who has a highly functioning life.? Well Michael Thomas Womens Jersey , you're right?I thought the same thing.

Then I remembered?Thomas Leonard, known as the father of coaching, once said, ?Success becomes sustainable when there are environments and failsafe structures which support it and which make you feel fully alive. And being fully alive calls you to play a much bigger game in ving to your optimal potential to levels of greatness you never thought were possible.?

There was my answer; these two recent events reminded me about the power of our personal environments and what happens when they are out of balance. I had experienced chinks in my environments Drew Brees Womens Jersey , and although I was feeling fully alive I certainly wasn't feeling my own greatness.

As an entrepreneur your success and greatness, or lack of it, hinges on how well you keep the all the balls in the air. It's your job to maximize the conditions that will nurture and assure your success. That's where your personal environments come in.

Environments are not only the physical space in which we live; it is also our belief systems, our spirituality Chauncey Gardner-Johnson Jersey , our physical being (our bodies).

How are your environments? Is your home cluttered? Is your blood pressure high? Are your finances in an upheaval?

Whether you care to admit it or not, your inner life is reflected in your outer life. Clutter in your home or office space is a sign that your inner life is cluttered as well. If your material possessions are in chaos, you are living in lack and not taking care of yourself. If you surround yourself with negative people, should you be surprised when you feel negative too?

Here's a brief assessment to rate your level of satisfaction in each environment. The list represents the primary environments that impact you on a day-to day basis:

On a scale of 1-10 (1-low Erik McCoy Jersey , 10-high) how inspiring or satisfying are each of your nine environments currently:

Relationships _____

Network _____

Spirituality _____

Belief Systems _____

Intellectual _____

Physical _____

Nature _____

Self _____

Financial _____

How did you do? I invite you to start by choosing one of your environments, preferably one you scored lower in, and begin to improve it. Make sure to pick an area you can imagine being successful with. Start by identifying the benefits you will gain with the improvement. For example: if I improve my finances the benefit will be less stress and a more secure future.

Begin to create those sustainable and failsafe structures for your life and business. Give yourself the gift of possibilities. Start today.

It's YOUR life'live it completely!

A position for strength? Didn’t I tell you the bank doesn’t plan to lose money? Which works in together directions. What happens in their mind if the home stays in foreclosure? Well, personally Alvin Kamara Jersey , the money they will already lent you adopts the non-performing personal loan category. They are losing profits every day they aren’t finding a payment. From made the effort you quit making payments until they will foreclose is concerning 6 months. In lots of states, the original entrepreneur (you) has up to and including year to draw the payments current and reclaim the property. This means the particular can’t really sell the house until the redemption period has run out. That means an overall of 18 to help 24 months about no money being released. They don’t would like that.

The benefit from a home study course is you will be in control. You are probably considerably more likely to keep up with the followup on how your loan amendment is progressing when compared to a hired modification specialist. It’s also a tremendous amount cheaper. Modification specialists will cost more than $1000 and possibly a whole lot more. If they save your home for anyone, it’s worth it again.
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