Opening Day 4.14.12

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Opening Day 4.14.12

Post by combinea'comin » Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:12 pm

We had about as good a day one could have without actually harvesting a bird. This morning at daylight we had 6 gobblers sounding off all within 100 yds of us, but all behind our setup.

I was the video/caller man for the day so I setup 50 yds to the right of the shooters hoping to drag the bird (I thought) across the field right in front of them. I knew of 1 bird on the property and possible two, but I didn't scout this property very hard because everytime I went out the I bumped a bird.
When daybreak hit I had 6 gobblers attacking us but again all were behind either me or the shooters, at 1 point I had a good sized bird 15 yds behind me drumming so loud it was rattling me.

I never could get those birds to come out from the protection of the woods, they gobbled all the way up to 9:30 and wouldn't leave.
We never got a shot on 1 but had a great time nontheless.....Hope everyones day was successful
Malachi 4:5-6 My Brother WMB

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