Youth hunt

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I mostly hunt turkey in: S Carolina
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Youth hunt

Post by Dantheman » Mon Mar 31, 2014 9:15 am

I took my cousin and his 16 year old son saturday, this is the third year we have tried to get him a bird. We set up in a field that I knew three long beards were hanging around. light rain, but e were in a blind. I put my male decoy and two hen decoys out, had a hen come within three feet of the blind. We heard a faint gooble about 30 minutes into the hunt, and a jake comes out of the woods on my right. Im trying to get the young man to -take a shot, but the jake sees the male decoy, hauls butt across the field and a few minutes later come out at the end of the field. he stood in one spot and gobbled 50 times. I felt that he wasnt coming to our setup, so we went to lunch. We came back after lunch but went down the property about a 1/4 mile. walked in the woods, made a call, got an answer, game on!.. I got him set up and his dad and I backed up to start calling. After a few more calls I could see a gobbler coming through some pines, he makes his way to about 35 40 yds, sticks his head up to find the hen, i told the young man to shoot, and he made a good shot. 17lb 3/4 spurs 10" beard. he is now hooked!

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Re: Youth hunt

Post by Toddmann » Mon Mar 31, 2014 9:21 am

Congrats. I bet that young man thinks that "Dan is the man" for sure now.
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