Videos of Turkey Sounds – Yelps, Cuts, and Purrs

We home these videos of turkey sounds will help you become a better turkey caller this spring in the turkey woods!

Turkey Sounds – Excited Yelp!

Not only do these guys know how to work a bird – they catch some great video footage of turkey sounds in the process. In this video, you can hear how fast the hen is yelping.

Fast forward to 7:30 to 8:00

Turkey Sounds – Yelps, cuts and kee kee

This is from the same group of guys, the Southern Gentlemen on YouTube. The entire video has some great calling, but starting at 2:40 you have some great spring time kee kee runs. Most young turkeys kee kee in the fall, but as this video shows, turkey do kee kee in the spring as well. With a little practice, the kee kee can be done quite easily with the mouth call. Click here to see a video of Jimbo Lindsey doing the kee kee with a pot call. Again, its not too hard to do – the key is to pinch or torque the striker and you typically run the call toward the outer edge.

Turkey Sounds – Yelps and Cuts

In this video really captures the hen’s yelps and cuts up close. It appears to be taken in the fall.

Turkey Sounds – Cutting

In this video the hen is cutting and purring as she searches out what she believes is another hen.

Gene’s Turkey Calls – Friction Pot Call

This custom turned friction pot call from Gene’s Turkey Calls is a killer! It’s a glass over glass ambrosia maple pot that comes with a one piece turned striker. As you can see in the picture, the call was carefully handcrafted and sounds as good as it looks! The call comes unconditioned and includes sandpaper and instructions for conditioning the call. Like other glass pot calls, use the sandpaper or a conditioning stone to condition the call in one direction only. The striker has a nice balance to it and it seems to be a natural fit with the pot. They have additional strikers available on their website too.

Gene’s Turkey Calls sells pot calls, scratch boxes, box calls, mouth calls and locator calls. Be sure to check them out – and tell them the Grand Slam Network sent ya!

Gene’s Turkey Calls


Baker Boys Original Turkey Coffin

Talk about an original custom call! This call is an “Original Turkey Coffin” from Baker Boys Turkey Calls. The Baker Boys Original Turkey Coffin – it’s a friction call that looks like a box call, but the striking surface is on the back and you use a striker like you would use on a pot call! You just run the striker in a straight line instead of a circular motion like you would on a traditional pot. As you work the call you can turn it in the direction you want to sound to carry, as the open end of the call acts as a speaker.

The surface of the copper needs to be sanded as often as needed! The call will not work if you touch the copper with your fingers because the oils in your hand will kill the sound. If this happens all you have to do is sand the calls surface with 220 or finer sandpaper or emery cloth. This call will make every turkey sound that you want out of a call! You can use soft calling by applying soft pressure on the call, and a louder sound as you add pressure – the harder you push down on the surface the louder it gets! The striker on this call is mounted with two holes on the call so it is always with the call in one package! This call is made of redwood and the striker is made of teak! This call was invented by my Dad Stanley Baker and is of his craftsmanship – a handmade and turned custom call! This call comes in many surfaces such as Copper, Glass, Aluminum, Slate, and Acrylic!

For more information on Baker Boys Turkey Calls, visit their website.

This is really a neat and fun call to work with. The key is to use the call like they do in the video below. By holding the striker high, you can get a nice purr and cluck. You can even place your hand over the box to muffle the sound producing soft calls! As with any copper call, you’ll need to use a scotch-brite pad to clean the copper that accumulates on the end of the striker.

Baker Boys Turkey Coffin

Baker Boys Turkey Coffin

Baker Boys Turkey Coffin

Turkey Hunting Times

If you’re new to chasing turkey in the Spring woods, you are probably wondering about the best turkey hunting times! For starters, your hunting times will differ from state to state. Most states have a spring turkey season and some have a fall season. Even within the spring and fall season, there are times that you are allowed to hunt. Some states allow you to hunt all day while others may only allow you to hunt from daylight until noon. Ultimately, you’ll need to review the turkey hunting regulations for your state to find the best times.

Finally, you’ll find that there are different turkey hunting strategies for hunting turkey in the fall, spring, morning and evening hunts.

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