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Thanks for visiting the Grand Slam Network.  Below we’ve provided a few tips and links to help you get started turkey hunting in Mississippi.

Mississippi provides many private and public land hunting opportunities to take advantage of.  In some instances, Mississippi offers hunters an opportunity to hunt areas with great turkey populations through drawings on quota hunts.  Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Before Turkey Season Starts in Mississippi

Before season, be sure to visit the state’s department of natural resources website.  For starters, make sure you understand the laws and regulations for hunting in Mississippi.  Pay careful attention to the hunters education requirements and dates for the season.  Once you’ve done that, look on their website for public land opportunities.  Sometimes, these public land hunting areas will be called wildlife management areas, but be sure to look out for National Forests that allow hunting too.  If the state offers an online option to purchase a turkey hunting license, you can take advantage of that.

Typically, these websites provide maps that you can print of the public hunting land – you can print these maps and take them on your scouting expeditions.  Another document that comes in handy is the wild turkey harvest report for Mississippi that covers the turkey habitat and counties that have the highest density of turkey populations.  Looking at these reports is typically a great starting point for figuring out which counties to look for public land hunting.

Mississippi Turkey Hunting Outfitters and Guides

Another option for turkey hunters is to locate turkey hunting outfitters in Mississippi, who can typically offer outstanding turkey hunting opportunities and better chances to harvest a turkey than public land hunting, which can be tough at times.

Mississippi Turkey Hunting Forum

Forums are a great place to learn from other turkey hunters and pick up a few tips.  The Grand Slam Network was created to help improve your turkey hunting skills and help you network with other turkey hunters to find turkey hunting opportunities in Mississippi.  Registration is free, so be sure to sign up for our turkey hunting forum!

Mississippi Turkey Hunts and Guides

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Mississippi Turkey – Field Reports

Grand Slam Network Member – Brock Long

Mississippi turkeys are tight lipped on some mornings, but on those bluebird days, they just have to let it rip! Since Katrina hit us so hard, turkey hunting has been tough at times due to loss of habitat and increase in predators. But we are moving in the right direction, or at least we have been for the last 2 years. We have had great hatches here in south MS the last couple of years and gobbling activity was actually favorable last year. Pine plantations and cutovers make up at least 85% of our terrain nowadays, but the pines are getting large enough to thin so habitat is getting better every year – thinned pines is where it is at! Our season runs March 15-May 1 this year and with this crazy weather it’ss hard to tell which part or the season will be the best. Last year, the first 3 weeks was great and the year before it was vice versa. I mainly hunt private land but have friends that got it done on the 3 national forest in this part of the state, De soto, Homochitto and Bienville. If you plan on NF hunting, be ready for pressured birds. Mississippi offers some great WMA quota tueky hunts as well as tons of national forest to hunt. I personally have not hunted north MS but have heard great things about their turkeys exploding up there. For more information check out the MDWFP webpage, it is full of useful info! Good Luck!

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