Lodge Creek Custom Calls

While attending the 2012 GON Blast in Atlanta Georgia, I ran into a booth with great looking custom pot calls. After running them for a bit, I pulled out the plastic and purchased these 3 pot calls from Lodge Creek Custom Calls. For starters, lets take a look at the purr pot – it’s no secret that soft purrs and clucks will get that pressured tom to respond when excited hen yelps won’t do the trick. If you hunt public land, you know what I mean… those birds get yelped at all day long! You’ll see in the video below that Tater from Lodge Creek cups his hand and brings the call in close to his body to create realistic purrs and clucks.

The other two calls are their Two Sider Tamer Series. They are either glass or crystal on the front and have slate on the back for softer calling. One thing is for sure – my 2013 season will start with the purple heart glass Two Sider Tamer Series from Lodge Creek Custom Calls!