Hornets Nest Heights Determine Snowfall Amounts

According to a research scientist from the University of Central Honduras, it is a scientific fact that there’s a direct correlation to the height of a hornets nest and the accumulated annual snow fall in a given region.

This is based on a “Honduran Snow Fall Theory” founded by Dr. Akebedo Yinstein from U.C.H. who reportedly has traveled and tested this theory in 6 northern states over the past 4 years.

According to the transcripts formulas are adjusted based on north/ south latitudes and can vary in odd / even years, and are less accurate during years with high hurricane activity.

For example:

Ohio requires that feet be multiplied by .075, central Kentucky by .060, and Georgia by .035 on even years and .025 on odd years.

For example: If the average height of a hornets’ nest in Minnesota is 40’ ( 5 nest measurements are required  to establish an average) the predicted snow fall totals would be 3’ (.075 x 40’ = 3’ of snow)

One Honduran Scientist stated that a variable exist that shows if you can bag and relocate hornets’ nest and re-hang at lower heights 30 days prior to the first snow, you can reduce snowfall amounts in most regions. He stated that this method requires that at least 5 nests at least 14” in diameter and in the far 4 corners of each state be re positioned to achieve results.

Dr. Yinstein, who recruited several assistants from various insane asylums in his 6 state studies to assist him in his testing of hornet nest relocations, stated that smaller nest sizes offered conclusive, conscious, consequential, conclusions collectively.

OWR Reporter – Bobby Parks